Our expertise

SEASC4U is providing access to a large network of Experts and Specialists in all segments of the Shipping, Transportation and Port Industry.

Through partnerships with experts with many years of experience having served in Management & Executive positions in medium and large sized Shipping & Transportation company’s, Port Authorities and Terminals as well as Agency Networks, SEASC4U provides expertise and services to;

  • Shipping, Vessel Operations – Containers, Breakbulk & Ro/Ro
  • Multimodal Transportation Rail, Barge & Inland Navigation, Road & Coastal Feedering
  • Port & Terminal Operations, Stevedoring & Warehousing
  • Finance – General Administration in Terminals & Shipping
  • Cost Management & Economy
  • Operational, Financial & Organisational Due Diligence
  • Line Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Maritime & Ports Human Resources & Crew management

Meeting customer requirements is the prime purpose of SEASC4U and its Partners and the objectives of our actions. All these Experts are dedicated to their assignment and engaged in achieving commonly agreed objectives.