First of all, we hope that you, your Families and the employees in the respective organizations are all in good health.

Here some news.

The Guinean Shippers Council and the Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Guinea took ownership over the BESC/ECTN process.

The new procedure brings some new positive elements forward;

  • The ECTN / BESC procedure for the Republic of Guinea aims at aligning the information concerning the import of goods in terms of nature, value and origin with the export data.
  • A link is established in Guinea between BESC / ECTN, EX1 and import customs clearance formalities avoiding “irregularities”.
  • There is now only one single and exclusive party where an ECTN / BESC can be produced (  ).
  • All intermediaries who where inbetween this process in the past and until today are now out of the game, so the costs are now processed correctly.
  • The costs of processing an ECTN / BESC are now charged directly to the shipping companies via the import manifests and are now included in the sea freight and related rates charged by the shipping companies in Guinea.
  • The process and rates are fully transparent and easy to consult

These changes are therefore definitely an improvement of the BESC / ECTN procedures of the past and therefore also in the interest of the members of your interest groups.

Attached is a presentation – in French and English – explaining this new procedure in detail enabling to take control of the BESC/ECTN process for their export activities to the Republic of Guinea. A support function is also provided (  ).

The Conseil Guinéen des Chargeurs is of course interested in the introduction that your interest groups give to their members and we would appreciate it if we could follow this up.

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